The Omnitrix (Omnimatrix) was an alien watch-like device which was attached to Ben's wrist in the first episode of the series, and is the device that the series revolves around. Created by Azmuth, the Omnitrix was intended to allow beings to experience life as other species in order to bring understanding and foster peace in the universe, but it was revealed in Ben 10: Alien Force that the Omnitrix was also a way to preserve intelligent life in the galaxy if one of them ever became extinct. According to Vilgax, the Omnitrix is supposed to be the ultimate weapon. It was destroyed in The Final Battle: Part 2 in order to prevent Vilgax from taking over the Earth and replaced by the more powerful Ultimatrix. In Map of Infinity, Azmuth reveals he has constructed a third and far superior model of the Omnitrix. Though he refused to give it to Ben as it was incomplete and Ben's maturity has lately regressed considerably, making him more reckless and impatient.


[1]Omnitrix original look before it was Recalibracated In the first form that Ben Tennyson encountered, the Omnitrix looked like a wristwatch, primarily black and grey in color, with a gra[2]Active Recalibrated Omnitrix (or black) dial in the middle (like a watch face) which has a green hourglass shape (actually the intergalactic "peace" symbol, also on Plumber's Badges and Azmuth's homeworld) on it. When it recalibrated it gained a more watch-like shape, a green wristband, became smaller and sleeker, and the face dial became black and green. The inside of the hourglass shape glows in different colors at special moments. These colors signify the state that the Omnitrix is presently in. Occasionally, the Omnitrix's safeguard mode initiates and randomly transforms Ben into another alien that he did not choose. The Master Control mode does not have this problem.

Modes [3]EditEdit

Active Mode [4]EditEdit

[5]Recalibrated Original Ten9[6]In active mode The default mode for the Omnitrix which means it can be used and that it has recharged. Actual usage time is unknown (between ten and twenty minutes, most commonly ten), and can time out at inopportune moments. It seems to time out faster the more it's taxed by activities such as fighting. However, if regular transformation is tampered with, Ben can't turn back (Ditto, for example, isn't allowed to revert when Ben's Ditto clones were not all merged together, nor does it allow Ben to transform multiple times). After the Omnitrix was recalibrated, the symbols on the aliens were also of the same color, and located on their chests (Dwayne McDuffie said this was because it signified the Omnitrix was working properly).

Recharge Mode [7]EditEdit

[8]Ben 10,000's Omnitrix When the Omnitrix times out. While timing out, the Omnitrix beeps and flashes. Takes around 10 minutes to "recharge", though it may take more time if tampered with. Its main purpose is said to be to keep the original personality of certain aliens from overwhelming the user (such as the case of Ghostfreak). The recalibrated Omnitrix does not do this; instead, it simply reverts the transformation with no warning given but it appears to allow the user to remain in that form for longer than originally. The hourglass, when red, also flashes instead of remaining solid as it had when the Omnitrix was in its original configuration. In Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game, when the Omnitrix was out of power it beeped differently than in the original Ben 10. The Omnitrix beeped only once in Ben 10: Alien Force in the episode Busy Box. Because the Omnitrix doesn't actually need energy to function, it could be that the fail-safe built into the device comes with a "wait time" that is just as unpredictable as the time that the Omnitrix remains active. Hence, the "recharge" could be a misconception on Ben's part. [9]destroyed OmnitrixThis has yet to be confirmed though. The Omnitrix has, on occasion, instantly recharged to protect its user from direct physical threat. This was shown when Ben was stuck to a wall about to be killed by Kevin 11 and then when Ghostfreak, who had escaped the Omnitrix at the time, tried to possess Ben. Both times, despite just timing out moments earlier, the Omnitrix recharges instantly when Ben's life is put in direct threat. Also, if Ben is knocked out or hurt sufficiently, the Omnitrix will revert him back to human form. The Ultimatrix also displayed this attribute, when Ben [10]In Recharge Mode (as Humungousaur) hit his head on a pipe and was reverted to human form.

Capture Mode [11]EditEdit

When a new DNA sample has been unlocked from the Codon Stream for future use (it identifies the DNA against the database on Primus, then unlocks that code on the Omnitrix), or when the Omnitrix actually captures new DNA not already present in the Codon Stream. Can also reclaim lost alien forms that may have escaped the Omnitrix. Absorbing lost alien forms can be done in two[12]Capture Mode ways: when transformed into an alien, the Omnitrix flashes a yellow light and absorbs the alien; or when the Omnitrix is inactive, it sends some radar waves and then reabsorbs the alien. Unlike in the original series, if an alien touches the Omnitrix in Ben 10: Alien Force it will not be captured because it doesn't work the same way after it recalibrated.

Self-Destruct Mode [13]EditEdit

When in S.D.M. (Self-Destruct Mode), the Omnitrix counts down until it explodes.

When in S.D.M. for a few days, the Omnitrix charges up enough energy to cause an energy ripple that will destroy the entire universe. Also in the original series while the Omnitrix was in S.D.M. it sent out bursts of energy that threw Ben through the air. Also when the Omnitrix enters S.D.M.[14]Omnitrix counting down it sends out a signal that any ship could pick up, such as when Vilgax picked up the S.D.M. signal after he hijacked a ship, and Tetrax picked up the signal and quickly went to get Ben and find Azmuth. Likely as a distress signal for help. It functions as a last resort should it fall into the wrong hands. It is used to destroy the Omnitrix in The Final Battle: Part 2.

Recalibration Mode [15]EditEdit

[16]in Recalibration Mode The Omnitrix begins transforming whilst selecting an array of new alien forms. The Omnitrix makes a beep-like noise, then it changes to a glowing black and green and finally morphs into its more watch-shaped form. This can happen vice-versa as shown in Vengeance of Vilgax when the watch turns from its new form into its original form. What triggered the Recalibration Mode is unknown. Dwayne McDuffie said it recalibrated due to Ben's maturity. The abilities of his old aliens were recognized by the Omnitrix and therefore "upgraded" as well, bringing 10 new aliens with the same abilities as the old aliens such as Swampfire, for example, replacing Wildvine and Heatblast. Dwayne McDuffie confirmed that the Omnitrix has hundreds of different forms. This feature of the Omnitrix was first seen in Ben 10 Returns Part 1. While it rescans Ben it turns a darkish blue color; Ben said "it never did that before".

Creator and Co-Creator of the Omnitrix [17]EditEdit

  • Azmuth is the creator of the Omnitrix.
  • Myaxx (Azmuth's assistant) helped build the Omnitrix and assisted in collecting DNA samples for it, including Wildvine and Ghostfreak.
  • Albedo (Azmuth's former assistant) also created a duplicate of the Omnitrix (which was later destroyed by Azmuth and the remains were later rebuilt and integrated into the Ultimatrix).

Features [18]EditEdit

  • The Omnitrix's main function is that it acts as a wireless receiver for the Codon Stream, Azmuth's DNA database on Primus. By accessing the Codon Stream, the Omnitrix rewrites the wearer's DNA on a quantum level and transforms them into one of the 1,000,910 (Originally 1,000,900 but Ben accidentally added 10, Benmummy , Benwolf, and Benvicktor, Nanomech, Water Hazard, NRG, Terraspin, Armodrillo, and AmpFibian. Eon was added by himself and even though Eon said the Omnitrix doesn't have his DNA it does, as confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie) Species in the Codon Stream (excluding the wearer's species). In order for the host to change size, matter is created from energy or reconstituted to energy as needed.
  • It has two known display modes:
    • The mode seen in the original series provides a black silhouette of the desired alien.
    • The mode in Alien Force provides a dark green hologram of the desired alien.
    • Dwayne McDuffie confirmed that by changing the settings on the Omnitrix, either display can be used in either one of the Omnitrix's forms.
  • It functions as a GPS as shown in The Final Battle: Part 1.
  • In the original series, the Omnitrix could adapt the clothing of the wearer to suit the selected alien form. Ben lost this function in Ben 10: Alien Force because the Omnitrix recalibrated. Now, nanomachines break them down and store them until his transformation ends.
  • The Omnitrix also alters its shape and size to accommodate the wearer's size, as shown in The Final Battle: Part 2.
  • When the user is transformed, a button with the Omnitrix symbol on it appears on the chest which can be used to switch to another form while already transformed into a specific alien. The symbol is actually the Omnitrix itself, appearing in this form because many species don't have wrists.
  • When the Omnitrix is locked to a certain set of aliens, new aliens can be unlocked through contact with a member of that species. This simply unlocks the DNA in the Codon Stream, although the Omnitrix also has the capability to capture new DNA.
  • When near its creator Azmuth, it has been shown to pin-point the direction to reach him by turning its dial.
  • The Omnitrix has Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • If someone tries to tamper with it against the host's will, it creates a large feedback pulse for defense.
  • The Omnitrix can read the mind of the wearer and transforms him/her into the alien it thinks is right for the situation when activated.
  • It can reset itself, giving the wielder access to 10 different aliens, along with other aliens gained through DNA scanning.
  • The Omnitrix can show a database image of all aliens available at the time, or show a database image of aliens that escaped the Omnitrix. The images of the aliens in the Omnitrix are shown in green, while the escaped ones are shown in black.
  • The Omnitrix can create a hologram map, which is similar to the one in Plumber's Badges.
  • The Omnitrix has a 2-way communication system with Plumber's Badges.
  • The Omnitrix has a Universal Translator (translates alien languages and writing to the wearer's language). Dwayne McDuffie confirms that Ben learned how to activate it, thus explaining how he could read Vulkanus' paper in Inferno.
  • The Omnitrix can teleport the user through Azmuth's teleportation channel (which Azmuth has demonstrated in order for him to get around).
  • There is a particular method used to safely remove the Omnitrix, and Ben used it in The Final Battle: Part 1. It involves a code that the wearer of the Omnitrix uses with voice activation (Decouple Omnitrix Command Code: 000 Release Coupling 0). Ben may have known this code as he may have remembered it if he used the code to take off the Omnitrix after he was done with it at the end of Ben 10.
  • During reconstitution/transformation, all information of the alien is dumped into the user's mind.[19]Diamondhead and Greymatter's DNA merged(Diamondmatter)Added by Linkdarkside This excludes the origonal Omnitrix(ex. Ben having to figure out the abilitie of Ditto in Divided we stand).
  • When suffering from electromagnetic interference, the Omnitrix can cause unintentional transformations, and the Omnitrix will be unable to deactivate until the source of the interference is gone. This is how the Tiffin was unintentionally sending signals that caused the Omnitrix to malfunction, turning Ben into Rath . It also can work in reverse, rapidly changing the user from one form to another until it times out. This happened in Secrets.
  • As revealed by Azmuth in Primus, the Omnitrix does not actually contain any DNA sample. It simply acts as a wireless device, connecting itself to the artificial planet, Primus, where Azmuth has gathered the DNA of almost all the sentient species of the galaxy in the Codon Stream. When activated, the Omnitrix accesses the Codon Stream's information and applies it to the host. Without Primus, the Omnitrix would be completely useless. When in danger, Primus can send a distress call to the Omnitrix, which teleports itself to Primus with its host in order to protect the planet.
  • The Omnitrix is able to restore the DNA of DNAliens, but it is unknown if it is able to restore the DNA of humans or any other alien species. It is also unknown if this function is to eliminate the foreign DNA from a being and if it can change hybrids such as Manny and Helen back to their human forms.
  • In War of the Worlds: Part 2, the Omnitrix is shown to be able to genetically manipulate alien DNA or reprogram the species' DNA (in this case, fuse DNA from different species of aliens).
  • The Omnitrix has been known to 'malfunction', such as unexpectedly timing out, recharging instantly, changing into a different alien than was selected, etc. However, these are safeguards programmed to protect against someone stealing it. Ben resolved most of these issues in Alien Force.
  • It is said that the Omnitrix in Ben 10: Alien Force is green because it is working correctly, which also meant it wasn't working as it should during the original series. The Omnitrix is in the center around the chest area on every alien in Alien Force which is for easy access. The symbol was put in different places on some aliens (head on Ditto, back on Grey Matter, etc.) in the original series which may have been a side effect of the Omnitrix not working, which explains why all the symbols were moved to the chest in Alien Force since it is now supposed to be in working order.
  • If the cover of the Omnitrix is broken off then the result is alien DNA merging.
  • It was mentioned in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode Map of Infinity that Azmuth has created a new Omnitrix likely his rebuilt Ultimatrix but, due to the fact that it is not ready and Ben is not ready it for due to his immaturity, he hasn't given it to Ben yet.

Omnitrix Phase 1 [20]EditEdit

[21]Oringinal OmnitrixAdded by Peter 10These are the exotic forms that began with Ben when he got the Omnitrix.

Some of these forms reappeared in Ben 10: Alien Force but all of these forms were synced from the Omnitrix to Ultimatrix and are available in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

  1. Wildmutt
  2. Heatblast
  3. Stinkfly
  4. Diamondhead
  5. XLR8
  6. Ripjaws
  7. Four Arms
  8. Grey Matter
  9. Upgrade
  10. Ghostfreak
  11. Cannonbolt
  12. Wildvine
  13. Benwolf (DNA obtained from Yenaldooshi)
  14. Benmummy(DNA obtained from Mummy)
  15. Benvicktor(DNA obtained from Dr. Vicktor)
  16. Upchuck (DNA unlocked by Xylene)
  17. Ditto
  18. Way Big (DNA unlocked by Azmuth)
  19. Eye Guy
  20. Eon (Only in Ben 10: Race Against Time)

Omnitrix Phase 2 [22]EditEdit

[23]Recalibrated OmnitrixAdded by Peter 10These are the exotic forms that Ben when he began with his Omnitrix recalibrated into a new array of new aliens.

Some of these aliens are from the original series and appear in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

  1. Swampfire
  2. Echo Echo
  3. Humungousaur
  4. Jetray
  5. Big Chill
  6. Chromastone
  7. Brainstorm
  8. Spidermonkey
  9. Goop
  10. Alien X
  11. Cannonbolt (also from the original series)
  12. Upchuck (also from the original series)
  13. Way Big (also from the original series)
  14. Diamondhead (also from the original series)
  15. Lodestar
  16. Ghostfreak (also from the original series)
  17. Rath
  18. Nanomech (in Ben 10: Alien Swarm)

Trivia [24]EditEdit

  • The Omnitrix is level 20 tech.
  • It was eventually destroyed to keep Vilgax from taking over Earth in The Final Battle: Part 2.
  • The Omnitrix was originally intended for Max Tennyson as Azmuth said in The Final Battle: Part 2. Xylene also said that she intended to send it to Max in The Visitor but since she was in battle she sent it to the forest by mistake. But when Ben found it, his DNA was close enough to Max's that it mistook him for Max and locked itself on Ben's wrist. On the contrary, the Omnitrix worked for Enoch in Perfect Day (although this was just a dream), and Vilgax in Primus and the Final Battle. Back With a Vengeance and Vengeance of Vilgax aren't counted because Vilgax never wore it.
  • Vilgax had the Omnitrix four times, including once during Back With a Vengeance, once during Primus, once during Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, and once during The Final Battle: Part 2.
  • The Omnitrix recharges instantly when Ben gets mad enough because the Omnitrix's AI knows when Ben definitely needs it.
  • The voice-activated self-destruct sequence is the same code from "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" that James T. Kirk used to activate the Enterprise's one minute self-destruct sequence (000 destruct-0).
  • The Omnitrix changes the aliens' eyes and other features to green. This is probably because of Ben's eyes being green, and the genetic feature being passed on. But it could also be that the Omnitrix is mainly green (although it can be red, like with Albedo).
  • From the beginning of Alien Force, Ben's habit is to declare the name of whatever alien he transforms into. Why he didn't in the original series is unknown.
  • Kevin's second mutation was connected to the Omnitrix so he could not change back until Ben destroyed the Omnitrix.
  • The Omnitrix symbol in the original Ben 10 series is white when changing into an alien, but in Ben 10: Alien Force the symbol is changed to green and this goes for all of Ben's aliens, even his original 10. It should also be noted that in Ben 10,000, it shows that when Ben transforms, the symbol is still white. But in The Forge of Creation, 10-year-old-Ben's aliens had a green Omnitrix.
  • In the original series Ben unlocked the master control, but after deactivating it, it seems he forgot the code for it. In Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben is shown to be able to change into another alien while still in alien form and not having to revert back to his human form. In the original series, Ben had to wait for the time limit before reverting back to human form, but in Ben 10: Alien Force it seems Ben is able to change back whenever he wants, and is not concerned about limiting out of his alien forms. In War of the Worlds: Part 2 it is confirmed that Ben has the master control as he said "Omnitrix, Humungousaur!" But after the DNA wave, the Omnitrix reset itself again, and Ben asks Azmuth if he can reengage the master control. He said that "You'll figure it out."
  • In Ben 10: Alien Force, the Omnitrix's voice is identical to Ben's voice.
  • In Ben 10: Alien Force, the holograms are green, but in Ben 10: Alien Swarm, the holograms are orange/yellow. This is most likely because the Omnitrix was scanning the Chips' DNA. Although it took much longer than normal to scan them.
  • The Omnitrix can display 7 colors, each meaning something different:
  1. Green: Functioning Normally
  2. Red: Recharging
  3. Yellow: Capture Mode
  4. Blue: Recalibration Mode
  5. Purple: Combining DNA
  6. Orange: S.D.M.
  7. White: Malfunctioning, but within acceptable parameters.
  • When in recalibration mode, the Omnitrix symbol is blue, but the code buttons are green. In the original series, when the color was different, the buttons were the same color. The only other time was in Secret of the Omnitrix, when the symbol was partially orange, then completely orange.
  • It cannot transform the wearer into another of its own species (e.g. Ben cannot transform into another human since he is already human).
  • The first two times Kevin was mutated, it was due to Omnitrix feedback.
  • Though many people refer to it as the "Omnitrix", its proper name is "Omnimatrix."
  • The last alien ever used by anyone on the Omnitrix was Swampfire, when Vilgax transformed his Bioids into Swampfire to destroy Ben, but the Omnitrix exploded before they had a chance to cause any harm due to the activation of the S.D.M. by Ben's voice command.
  • The Omnitrix had reappeared in The Forge of Creation as 10 year old Ben making an appearance from the past.
  • The button used to activate the alien selection dial has often been mistakenly placed on the outward side of the Omnitrix. This error is often seen in And Then There Were 10 and The Forge of Creation. The button has also been seen on both sides of the Omnitrix in And Then There Were 10. The outward placement of the button is a flaw and would make using the Omnitrix more difficult, the inward position is for ease-of-access.
  • Ben's future son, Ken, gained his own Omnitrix for his tenth birthday (with 10 aliens accessible selected by Ben). It was revealed in the Ben 10 Enhanced Marathon that Ken's Omnitrix was created by Ben using the brain power of his smartest aliens; Greymatter, Benvicktor, and Brainstorm.
  • In the original series, Ben's alien forms had varied eye colors. From Alien Force onwards, their eyes are all the same, green (likely due to the Omnitrix recalibrating).


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