Kevin 11,000
Species: 1/2 Osmosian1/2 Human
Voice Actor: Charlie Schlatter
Age: 43
First Appearance: Ken 10
Occupation(s): Criminal
Abilities: Matter and energy absorption, Substance Manipulation, Various aliens and monsters he absorbed.
Relatives: Devin Levin (father)Mrs. Levin (mother)
Alias: Future Kevin

Kevin 11,000 is Kevin Levin in the Ben 10,000 episode alternative future.


In this future, Kevin was stuck in the Null Void for 32 years, though through escapes in and out of the Null Void he was able to have a son, named Devlin Levin (with a girl from a Saturn colony). During his time in the Null Void, Kevin absorbed energy from various alien and monsters, making him able to turn into a new monstrous hybrid form far more powerful than the original, though he's has now seemingly mastered his absorption powers, as he is able to switch between this form and his human one at will and even access some of his alien powers in human form, including super speed and enhanced strength.[2]

[3]Kevin 11,000 facing Ben 10,000 Kevin appeared only once in the future non-canon episode Ken 10, who take place in the Ben 10,000 time line. Ben's son Ken is celebrating his tenth birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Ben gives him an Omnitrix of his very own. However, he equips it with a limiter, unwilling to trust his son to defeat villains on his own. Ken soon befriends a boy named Devlin, and the same night Kevin 11 attacks. Unable to locate the Null Void, which Ben has moved after the events of Ben 10,000, he retreats.

Ken, also unaware of the move, endeavors to find it on his own, only to unwittingly lead Devlin, who is Kevin's son and can transform into his father's mutant form, right to it. Devlin releases his father from the Null Void, but is soon heartbroken to learn that Kevin's only interest is fighting Ben, not seeing his son. Kevin is ultimately defeated by the combined forces of Ben, Ken, and Devlin, to which Devlin, who was kicked out of his family, now hates his father and is later adopted into the Tennyson family after he saves Ben and his son Ken from Kevin's sneak attack. Just before that, Kevin 11,000 was shown to be at the mercy of Ben as Way Big, who has lost his temper when Kevin injured Ken. He is then viciously crushed into the ground.

Known absorbed alien DNA[4]EditEdit


  • Heatblast: Main body, head, left wing and right tentacle but black in color:
  • Fourarms: Left arm and feet and the superhuman strength
  • Wildmutt: Lower left and right arms
  • Benwolf: Super sonic screaming
  • XLR8: Super Speed and end of left tentacle
  • Upgrade: Tentacle color
  • Stinkfly: Right wing (left wing as well, combined with Heatblast DNA)
  • Ghostfreak: Skull-like head, one eye larger
  • Null Guardian: Tentacles protruding from backside like a tail.