Benjamin Franklin is doing his famous kite experiment, and gets electrocuted by lightning. For an unknown reason, he is wearing the Ultimatrix. He presses a button, and transforms into an alternate version of Four Arms, stating it is cooler than electricity.

Later on, Benjamin Franklin is at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He notices John Hancock's signature is tough to beat, and he decides to sign it with fire using an alternate version of Swampfire. But instead he lights it on fire, and asks if they have more than one Declaration of Independence, while the other state delegates look angry at him.

Then, Ben as an alternate version of Jetray finds George Washington and his men sailing through the Delaware River. He lifts their boat and flies in the air. But then, some of the crew fall off the boat. Without thinking ahead, Ben becomes NRG, and since he cannot fly, they fall. Saying " Aww! , I don't think this guy can fly!".

Finally, Ben encounters the British army. He asks them to surrender, and the general asks who's going to make them surrender. Ben then transforms into an alternate version of Humungasaur and beats up the British by kicking them. Then, he asks if they would like it if he came to their country, so he goes to London and smashes down the Big Ben. Then, he goes to his old middle school bully Mark's house, and it looks like Mark has now become a nice person, and apologized to Ben for the mean things he did to him. But unfortunately, Ben does not seem to accept Mark's apology, and stomps on his house.

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  • This episode spoofs the Ben 10 series and the Revolutionary War, mainly focusing on Benjamin Franklin.
  • Benjamin Franklin transforms into alternate versions of Four Arms, Swampfire, Jetray, NRG, and Humungasaur, with different color schemes, some of his clothing, and seemingly different voices.
  • Benjamin Franklin's behavior in this episode seems the same as Ben's in the original series.
  • To add detail, NRG appeared in Mad before his appearance in Ultimate Alien.
  • It is unknown how Ben Franklin got the Ultimatrix after he was electrocuted.
  • In all of his transformations, Ben had at least one of his features on that alien. All of them had his hair and his glasses, Jetray, Humungasaur, and Four Arms had his shirt collar, and Four Arms and NRG had Ben Franklin's hat.
  • Most of the aliens used had the Ultimatrix symbol slanted to another positionFour Arms was still on his shoulder, Swampfire's was at the 11:00 position, Jetray's was completely sideways, NRG's was at the 2:00 position)