Articguana is a blue iguana-like alien, of the species Polar Manzardill from the polar planet X'Nelli. He can breathe freezing vapor and was used by Ben in Ben 10,000 to freeze Vilgax. He was first called Absolute Zero by the adult Ben, but was changed by child Ben to Articgauna. Even then, he just breathes vapor cold enough to freeze, not of actual absolute zero.


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His appearance somewhat resembles a cross of a fish and an iguana. He has the powerful ability to work with cool temperatures, and he can freeze his enemies before they can even lay a hand on him. He seemingly wears white p
Articguana in ultimate alien
ack, and gills on the sides of his head. He also has small spikes around his face.Much of Articguana is still unknown.

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

The symbol is now moved from his wrist to his chest. He no longer has the cuffs of white on his wrists and he is dark blue.


  • Creates an icy blast from his mouth capable of freezing objects instantly, as shown when he freezes a
    Articguana ben 10,000
    large amount of water in only a few seconds.
  • Can live in very cold temperatures.