Albedo is the Assistant of azmuth and his first appearence takes place in the Ben 10 alien force episode good copy bad copy, when ben's and albedo's omnitrixes merged with each other. When both omnitrixes merged with each other, It caused albedo to show his true colour. White hair, red eyes, a red jacket (similar to ben's) and black pants. Albedo asked azmuth if he could make a omnitrix for him, but he refused. So he made an omnitrix for himself. Now because both of them share DNA, they were able to change into the same alien. Azmuth teleports himself and punishes albedo by removing the face plate, and azmuth teleports albedo to a plumber prison, in which he screams, I hate you!!!.

Albedo makes another appearence in the 2-part episode the final battle, in which he steals the Ultimatrix. In part 2, albedo is forced to Give the ultimatrix to ben.